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We operate in the market of information technologies. Using the latest technologies and practices, we design and develop new information solutions or perform innovations and modernizations of existing ones. Our primary focus is currently on energy-saving single-board computers and mobile devices, digital signage, and sensors and sensor networks.

We are early adopters according to the diffusion of innovations theory (Everett Rogers, 1962). We continually monitor latest news and trends in the area of information and communications technologies, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and consider the areas for their practical use. Besides our own experience, we support our decisions by responses from developed software markets in Europe (United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Germany) and by outcomes of global analyses (such as those from Gartner, Inc.) That enables us to keep pace with the developments in a field that is constantly changing.

We believe in socially responsible business practices and mutually beneficial long-term relationships based on mutual trust. We adopted the ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and we follow it both in relation to our customers and within the company.

Our products

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Digiskilt is a digital signage solution built on top of a small single-board computer that works with all available HDMI-enabled displays. The solution is characterized by low acquisition and operating costs and a broad options of content scheduling. Digiskilt is available in two editions: a basic standalone edition intended for small businesses and an advanced enterprise edition with the option to manage an extensive network of displays intended primarily for large corporations and franchises. More information is available on the product website.

Our services

Custom software development

In addition to developing our products, we also offer custom software development. We always try to find solutions that are based on modern technologies and take into account both current and future needs of the customer and thus provide not only the immediate benefits but also the long-term ones. Close cooperation with the customer and consistent use of agile and lean development methodologies allow us to understand the customer's problem in detail and contribute to its real solution. We find it particularly challenging to solve unusual or technically difficult problems.

Depending on the requirements, we can implement server and cloud apps (Java 8, Spring 4), multiplatform desktop apps (Java 8), mobile apps (Android 4/5), apps for single-board computers (Java 8, C 11), or embedded apps for microcontrollers (C 11).

Advisory in innovations and modernizations of software solutions

Our broad insight into the field of information and communication technologies together with our overview of latest technologies and practices and current trends make it easy for us to provide advisory in innovations and modernizations of existing software solutions. We continually update our insight and overview from professional books (titles from Apress, Manning Publications, O'Reilly Media, Springer, or Wiley) and journals (ACM Inroads, Communications of the ACM, Java Magazine) and annual developer conferences (geecon, Google I/O, JavaOne, Spring I/O).

In addition to exploiting the potential of energy-saving single-board computers and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) we also deal with short-range wireless communication technologies (NFC, Bluetooth LE) at the moment. Our long-term focus is mainly on the issues of data quality and the use of non-relational data models.

Professional training

From our own experience, we know that acquiring knowledge and experience is time-consuming and costly. Because of this, we offer our knowledge and experience to be shared with others. We organize professional traning courses focused on modern technologies and practices in the area of software development. Each course covers a specific topic and a strong emphasis is placed on the quality and practical usability of the contained information.

In addition to organizing professional traning courses, we also participate in educating the future generations of professionals by taking parts in lectures and seminars at secondary schools and universities or by providing practical-oriented internships for secondary school teachers of technical subjects.

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